Pictures from Geneva, May 2007:

The symbol of Geneva
a 140 meter high fountain.

The fountain
, again.

The fountain
, yet again.

A nesting duck
, down by Lake Geneva.

A swimming swan
, down by Lake Geneva.

Another picture of the swan
, down by Lake Geneva.

, Geneva.

A Swiss clock
, built into the landscape.

Colorful flowers
, Parc Mon Repos.

An odd statue
with no explation given, Parc Mon Repos.

A relaxing fountain
, Parc Mon Repos.

One of the few picturesque flowers
at the Botanical Gardens, this time of year.

Plants growing from the wall
, Botanical Gardens.

Geneva's public transport
is foreigner friendly, if you don't want to hoof it everywhere, like we did.

A mosaic
, Geneva Town Hall.

Entrance to an Italian style staircase
, Geneva Town Hall.

The World Meteorological Organization

, near the UN.

Red Cross Museum
is a fancy building up on the hill across from the UN.

Flags above the main entrance
, Red Cross Museum.

underneath a giant broken chair, Place des Nations (Nations Square).

International Telecommunication Union
(ITU), across from the UN.

Main Entrance
, United Nations.

at the main entrance, United Nations.

Visitor Gate
, United Nations.

The sign guiding our way
to the start of the tour, United Nations.

Visitor's Building
and start of our tour, United Nations.

One of the conference rooms
at the United Nations. From the 60's? Yes!

Org Chart
, United Nations.

View of Lake Geneva
from the buildings we toured, United Nations.

View of Mont Blanc
from the buildings we toured, United Nations.

They still allow smoking
in the UN buildings, it's just discouraged.

Flash back to the League of Nations
this room was decorated in the 1930's, United Nations.

Painting on the ceiling of the 1930's room
, United Nations.

Newly refurbished room
where our tour guide (in the bottom right corner) couldn't answer my question about how public holidays work in the UN, United Nations.

in front of the visitor's gate, United Nations.

Copyright ©2007 Lisa G. Hansen
Last Modified: June 2, 2007