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You have found the web page of Lisa Hansen and Kim Pedersen. We were married in September, 2003. We are currently living in Greve, Denmark, a suburb of Copenhagen. We have the most adorable little daughter, Maia, born in January, 2010.

Lisa comes from Annapolis, MD, USA. Here you can see a view of the Annapolis city docks provided by the Historic Annapolis Foundation webcam.


Kim comes from Copenhagen, Denmark. There wasn't a webcam picture I could embed in my website, but here is the Politiken webcam - a view over the Copenhagen town hall square. Below I've included a satellite map of Vesterbro, the neighborhood that Kim grew up in (which is a borough in Copenhagen), for those that want to see something of Copenhagen without leaving this page.

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A quick selection of pictures:

The whole nine yards:

frederiksborg slot great wall toilet controls summer party viking ring sunset hotdog buns

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